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An overwhelming greater part of the women we date are specialist women who make far more cash than I do. I have no problem with this. I have an excellent work, but it doesn’t spend as much as the professions these ladies have.

We often wonder if my earnings omit myself using these girls because I’m not at “their own degree.” Since you have revealed, women today will be the hunters/gatherers and that I could end up as a house partner altering every one of the diapers.

How do you make me attracting them? How do I maybe not come off as weakened?

-Jeff (New York)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:


Outstanding concerns. A lot of successful women are enduring what sociologists name a “George Clooney effect,” which means the more successful they come to be, the greater amount of profitable of men they desire.

However the wise job women can be starting to see a beneficial guy is a great partner who can advice about your family and son or daughter rearing.

The things I’m not clear about is this: Could You Be perhaps not interested in getting a fair home-based lover with a high-earning woman?

If not, then chances are you should date less winning women to feel like a normal male.

In contrast, when you can see yourself becoming extremely involved throughout the house front, possible go off searching powerful by assuming a massive guard role.

Can you physically shield the woman? Can you legitimately shield the woman? Could you financially shield the woman by managing the money? Could you show the lady you may have her right back?

That is a substantial guy to the lady.

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