Storage virtualization, as the name implies, is a technology Web Site that pools physical storage information from multiple devices in to what appears to be a single pool of available storage capacity. This kind of capacity can then be presented to servers, VMs and simple metal hosting space in a digital environment since logical storage.

The technology relies on computer software to identify and aggregate physical storage capacity from storage, optical, recorded argument, solid-state and other storage devices into a shared pool of logical potential that can be supervised by a central console. More storage hardware can be added mainly because needed and joined to the pool, therefore expanding the overall ability.

Block-level virtualization (block aggregation) is a frequent form of safe-keeping virtualization that presents a number of physical hard disks to an request as one logical device. This sort of virtualization often helps performance by abstracting the logical travel from the real storage.

Network-based storage virtualization is also one very popular form of virtualization. It connects to storage area devices on the Fibre Channel (FC) or Internet Tiny Computer System Software (iSCSI) SAN and presents these people as a pool area of storage space that is available to any or all members of the SAN.

Info replication is yet another common make use of for storage virtualization. It possesses a common place to replicate info across numerous systems against failures also to facilitate info migration.

Virtualization also offers ways to extend the life of old storage devices by adding all of them as a tier of storage area to the virtualized pool. This can reduce supervision costs and free up space on the safe-keeping system which is not currently being utilized.


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