Data exchange is the transfer of information among systems or perhaps between agencies. It could involve transforming the original format of the data to suit the destination program, or it could simply be the movement of information from one computer to another. The details or information that is transferred could be of numerous types, including documents and spreadsheets to pictures, statistics, programs and encrypted links.

Agreed data exchange formats and structures are useful for organisations sharing or receiving details as it decreases the amount of time and energy required to restructure or reformat the information. A common model is the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), which provides a data dictionary of agreed terms, definitions and relationships to enable consistent facts sharing across diverse organisations regardless of their particular size or perhaps location.

At its most basic operation, when completed very well, data exchange can allow a doctor to access the full medical record of their patient and make use of that to make a better decision about treatment. However , this really is a complex technical process that relies on many different people and systems to add up.

The Data Exchange enables organisations to invest less time revealing administrative data and even more time focusing on client influences. It collects a smaller group of data products than previous performance reporting requirements and in addition allows for adaptable ways to post the data ~ either through system-to-system transfers, volume uploads or perhaps direct entrance into the Data Exchange webpage.


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